Friday, January 31, 2014

First Time I've Ever Seen

Where?  with Morris Clint  at Palm Gardens, Brownsville
Cardboard plants in bloom!

Very different looking flower.

Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year, New Challenge

It's that time of year to register for the 2014 Brownsville Challenge. Weigh-in is Saturday, January 11 from 9 am to noon at Linear Park, next to the Farmers Market off 6th & Harrison St.

My Story
I signed up to take "The Challenge" three years in a row – 3rd year, the past year, was a charm as that was the first year I actually worked the program and took advantage of the free events which included the SG Boot Camp with Sal Garza. It wasn't until I attended Sal's Camp that I realized how negative I subconsciously speak to myself. 

Yes, it turns out I was my own worst enemy.
I recall proudly bragging about being such a great procrastinator - go figure. I didn't want to change my thinking  as that would mean I needed to make up my mind to do something after my years of procrastinating (Yes, it turns out I was my own worst enemy.) Once I overcame the I can't/won't, I'm not ready to give up eating what I like, eating mindlessly, whatever, whenever I want, you're not the boss of me to myself, no less, procrastinating thinking ... and started thinking ... Yes, I can/will and want to ... the rest was super easy. 

I kept a log of what I ate normally for several weeks and soon became aware of where all the calories I was consuming came from (lots of high calorie sweets)which helped me change my eating habits.If I indulge I eat less of something later in the day to balance it out. A good example of a change for me was Instead of eating the WHOLE can of mixed nuts in one sitting, I eat a handful and stop.

Long Story Short
I went from a size 16 to a size 10 – I lost and have kept off 25 pounds this past year and haven't missed it a bit ~ thanks to taking advantage of this program.

This year my goal is to prepare and eat healthier home cooked meals with assorted seasonal fresh vegetables and fruit from my garden and the Farmers Market. I also want to get back to doing a physical activity I enjoy several times a week (yoga, walking the dogs, aquatics or something new). It's not enough just to reduce calorie intake - I need to burn calories too, in order to make any progress. That's a fact.

Recent circumstances have made it even more apparent to me how important what we eat may affect our health and what food I bring home/prepare or serve my family can impact my families health. I have to say I have taken a lot of what I eat for granted. I am already craving more fresh veggies and fruits - and I look forward to changing old habits for better ones. 

I just found a good tip through Facebook I plan on putting into practice - Dinner by 10 - Tip to Save $ and Eat Healthier from the Thrifty Couple website.

"The Challenge"
I encourage everyone to take "The Challenge" in Brownsville starting this Saturday, January 11. Weigh-in is from 9 am to noon at Linear Park, next to the Farmers Market off 6th & Harrison St. 

As a Challenge participant you receive a pass that gets you into all of the sponsored events January through March (such as aquatic workouts, boot camp, yoga, cooking classes and more) for FREE. Many of the events are also open to family and friends. Click on Further Detail heading for more info.

Everyone who finishes The Challenge has a chance at winning $$ as they compete against each other and themselves.  For every 5% of weight an individual loses they will receive a $5 gift card. 

Remember you must register for The Challenge and attend a final weigh in, either Friday, April 4 or Saturday, April 5 to win any prize (including gift card). This is in addition to the first and second place prizes in each category. 
 Create a team, bring your family, friends, and coworkers, and join THE CHALLENGE!!

To Your Health!
PS Don't wait for events such as these or for that certain friend to join you, otherwise you might never "do" something for yourself. You are the only one you are in competition with - you get what you put into anything - how much are you willing to invest? It's just YOUR health.