Monday, February 7, 2011

Ice Storm in South Texas

We are still recuperating from our recent mid 20 degree icey weather last week. Donny was up three nights in a row making sure nursery stayed above freezing running propane heaters and a generator when the electricity went out.

Herb plants survived the unusual freeze we had, thanks to our cold weather protection.

Neighbor's iced over mesquite trees run along the fence line.

Most everything covered with a layer of ice before it melted.

Water melting from heated greenhouse formed icicles.
Broccoli, cauliflower and romanesco plants covered in nature's blanket.
Live oak covered in ice.

Purple cauliflower

Icicle Man goes amuck.

Mesquite tree lined roadway shimmering from the ice covered branches.

Watered garden well. Placing large plastic pots over herb
shrubs then covering with serapes helped protect newly
planted and existing herb garden plants from the freeze.

This is most unusual weather for our normal sunny, breezy, South Texas - I think everyone is still finding out what if any damage they've had from this cold snap.
Hope you fared well, wherever you may be.