Friday, November 29, 2013

For the Birds - Not

Have you tried Netting?

You may not be able to see the fine black netting covering this tomato plant (some of it is bunched up on the left hand side) but I went ahead and draped this over a couple of the tomato cages as tomatoes are ripening and the birds started pecking them. Not what I enjoy finding in the garden early in the morning.

Net covering tomato plant to deter birds.

I got a roll of this netting from Tractor supply. It's kind of a hassle to use as it catches on everything but it does work and is reusable. I pulled it out some so it wasn't touching the tomatoes as they can still peck them if it's right on top of them. You have to make sure and get it pinned down all around the bottom of the plant so the birds can't reach it from the ground - birds are very resourceful.

The birds have also found the chicken feeder! We've had it up for almost two years (refilling it every morning for all of the chickens) and the birds never bothered it until recently. Guess they "Tweeted" all of their friends to come over for all you can eat dining. I finally put a cover over the middle of the feeder which seems to have cut down on the "free for all".

Grafted Tomatoes

To graft or not to graft - that is the question.

Below is a tag for the Cherokee Purple tomato which is grafted onto "SuperNatural" rootstock. Have to keep any suckers that grow below the graft removed. The plant we purchased didn't have much of a root system to start with so has had a slow start. It is finally starting to grow some. You are supposed to keep the graft well above soil level.

One gardener told me they planted two tomatoes of equal size, one being a
regular tomato and the other being a grafted one but so far hasn't been able
to tell much difference. Anyone else tried these? How did they do for you?
It's always fun to try something new!

This is our grafted tomato - looking very healthy
but still no blooms as of 11-27-13.
We bought this one at the Texas Master Gardener conference in October.
This is my first experience growing one and can't wait to see how it does.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013