Friday, November 2, 2012

Flowering Plants and More

After the recent rains there are alot of beautiful flowering plants blooming right now. One of my number one spots to find unique plants is at Palms Gardens Nursery, 345 Galveston Road in Brownsville, Texas. Nurseryman Morris Clint is a wealth of knowledge and I love discovering what he's got growing.

Here's just a glimpse of some of what he has in his nursery this week (11-2-12)
Check the bloom on this tree out.
This is the chorisia speciosa.
Nice speciman flowering tree - spectacular -
allow space for growth when planting.

This tree is nine yeas old and is about 50 ft. tall.
This is the South American variety that is
hardier to cold than the one from Mexico.
Bougainvilleas are one of my favorite plants because
they come in such a vast array of vibrant colors.

These are actually several different bougainvilleas plants, not one.
This is an apricot colored variety "Sundown" Morris cultivated
that turns different shades of color.

Love this vibrant deep pink above and the white with the hot pink edges below.

The colorful bracts or leaves below the flowers are often mistaken for their
blooms when in actuality the blooms are the small white tubular flowers. 

Vining Plants

Morris also has this vining plant available that is growing all along his fence.
I can't recall the name of it right now but it comes in several shades
from white to pink all the way to this deep coral red shades above.


Flowering succulents come in beautiful shades too.
Papaya plants

I not only enjoy adding color to my garden but also
like having an edible landscape. Morris has some nice Papaya plants
ready for transplanting, as you can see here.